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Frequently Asked Questions
Do we handle FFL transfers?
Yes. Our FFL transfers cost $40 for one firearm, plus $15 for every additional firearm. The background check fee is included in the $40 transfer fee. Contact us if your seller needs a copy of our FFL. 

How much do CHL classes cost?
Our classes cost $65 for the Oregon CHL, and $110 for the Utah/Multi-State CHL. Visit our classes page for more information.

Which states are covered by the Utah CHL?
The Utah/Multi-State CHL covers 37 different states throughout the U.S. Click here to find out which states are covered.

Do we ship guns?
We are not able to ship guns at this time.

Do we have a range?
We do not currently have a range.

Do we do gunsmithing?
We can do basic attachment mounting and problem solving. We are not trained gunsmiths.

What is our consignment fee?
Our consignment fee is 20% of the final selling price. We do not buy or trade guns.

Are we able to order a specific gun?
We are happy to order any gun depending on availability.  We will do our best. Come see us to find out if we are able to order what you are looking for.

Have any other questions? We're happy to help!

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